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Cast Zinc Polishing Lap 6"
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Cast Zinc Polishing Lap 6"

New 6" Solid Cast Zinc Alloy Polishing Lap - 1/2" Arbor Hole

Cast Zinc has long been the lap of choice for professional cutters. Zinc laps are harder than tin and produce flat facets quickly on the hardest of colored stones. Zinc laps can produce a good polish on a wide range of stones from hard to soft. These versatile laps are easy to use and if desired are easily scored with a knife or hacksaw blade.  (Although we do not score our laps nor recoment it)

This solid zinc lap is rigid and think enough (approx. 1/2 inch) to serve as a single solid lap, without bonding to a base plate or require a master lap base, and can be re-machined if the need arises.

These laps are preferred for polishing some of the harder gems such as corundum and cubic zirconia.

Price: $70.95

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